Genitalverstümmelung im Irak: Immer noch kein Gesetz

Aktueller Artikel über Genitalverstümmelung im Irak bei NRO – NationalReviewOnline:

FGM in Kurdistan   [Michael Rubin]

Thomas Von der Osten-Sacken, who has tirelessly campaigned against female genital mutilation in the Middle East in general and Iraqi Kurdistan in particular, flags a recent Human Rights Watch report which finds that 60 percent of women in Iraqi Kurdistan have suffered female genital mutilation. Money quote:

The Kurdistan parliament in 2008 passed a draft law outlawing FGM, but the ministerial decree necessary to implement it, expected in February 2009, was inexplicably cancelled.

Barham Salih, a Washington favorite, is prime minister. The Kurds’ representative in Washington, Qubad Talabani, often talks of his tireless efforts to reform. Nevertheless, despite his calls, Kurdistan has led Iraq and, indeed, the Middle East, on journalists attacked, murdered, and imprisoned. And now this. Beyond embezzling billions, just what is the Kurdistan Regional Government doing?

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